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Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Exclusive mortgage leads supplied directly to you.

Our mortgage leads are generated via the internet from one of our network of mortgage web sites and other strategic partners.

What’s so special about our mortgage leads?

Our mortgage leads are generated by the potential customer typing into a search engine, looking for a mortgage quote or advice. They then visit one of our mortgage web sites or affiliate partners and fill in an online mortgage enquiry form. This will then be sent to our lead distribution system, telephone qualified and forwarded directly to you, the mortgage broker who has elected to receive the lead. The customer will be informed which company will be contacting them and will be expecting your call.

How much does it cost?

Lead Type
80/20 Deal
Telephone Qualified
Mortgage Lead
First time Buyer
Buy to Let
Minimum Order 5 leads

These can be supplied on a national basis or by selected post codes at no extra cost.

How much business do you want?
Whether it is ten mortgage leads or more - we can help.

You can also be assured that we only supply leads on an exclusive basis, every mortgage lead supplied by us has a unique number and our system will only deliver a lead to one mortgage broker or company.

Our High Standard Service

Part of our lead generation service is that we actively point web pages at the post code area of our participating brokers. This means that we are proactive in searching for leads within these postcodes!

Even though our leads are telephone qualified, we pride ourselves on our fair returns policy. Our advisors have assured us that it is one of the best returns policies from a lead supplier.

As the advisor, you are able to return a lead to us within 4 days (including weekends) and in accordance with the policy and return reason the returns team will analyse the lead and refund you if we agree that the lead is invalid.

Telephone Qualified Leads

A telephone qualified lead is when we contact the client and check through the details that they have submitted. We will confirm that they are able to complete a mortgage within a specified period and also arrange a preferred time for you, as the broker, to contact them.

A telephone qualified lead is not guaranteed business. It gets you, the broker, a foot in the door. The rest is up to you.

To start receiving leads simply fill in our no obligation enquiry form.

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